Rental Program

R E N T A L   S E R V I C E S  P R O G R A M
                                    E N H A N C E D    P L A N      

             (RENTAL PROGRAM)   $100/mth    NO % OF RENTAL INCOME
Enhanced Plan  (Includes the Benefits of Home Watch SnowBird Service)  


Initial Home Evaluation:  With recommendations and suggested Rental rates,
                                                     Start-Up Equipment, Furnishing and Supply List
Step-by-Step Plan:  To maintain solid Occupancy for a Villages Rental Home
Guest Book:  House, Village and area Information, Golf Courses and Maps
Welcome Basket:   Water, Snacks, Coffee, Tea  No Charge
Concierge Service:   Assist Tenants - Better Village stay – Gain Repeat Renters
In/Out Tenant Meeting:    $25/Each Rental Period
Rental Site Set-Up:    ( you decide how many )  No Charge
Pictures:    Pictures taken and uploaded to each of your rental sites  No Charge
Update all Rental Site CalendarsPeriodically to keep at top of search list)
Inquiries:   Respond to all Rental requests (Increases Occupancy)
Leads:  Share unfilled inquiries from other property to yours
Documents:   provide all paperwork and info to you for the Rental process.

Why pay a % of YOUR Rental Income (can be as much as $1,500 to $2,500 just for the Prime Season) when I can handle the whole rental process from obtaining tenants, right through checking them at departure and setting up for the next Guest for $75/mth. Check the Snowbird and rental services pages to see all that I do for the small monthly Fee.