Snow Bird Program

$40/mth for Weekly Visits (Contracts of 6 mths or longer)
$12/Weekly Visits (Contracts less than 6 months)
EXTERIOR       Weekly        
Visually verify Vendor Services are being completed as agreed
Clean Entryway and remove Solicitations
Outside Walk-Around to view if any Bug Activity or lawn issues
Send Reports for any needed Service work (Landscape, Lawn, etc.)
INTERIOR    Weekly  
Fully inspect Interior for any issues, especially Pest problems
            Change Furnace Filters (if Needed)
            Check Salt levels, fill tank when needed
            Check and Flush all waterlines
            Check all Appliances/Furnace/A.C. Unit
            Check & Run Washer and Dishwasher (Monthly)
            Adjust Thermostats for Seasons (minimize utility expenses)
            Adjust Sprinklers for different seasons (reduces cost of water bills)     

 A D D I T I O N A L     S E R V I C E S       (Extra Fees Apply )
First Class Mail Forwarding     $5.00/Mailing  + Postage - You choose how often
Meet Service Vendors    $25/event
Meet delivery people    $25/event
Meet Cleaning Service people    $25/event
Packages   Accept & Deliver to Home  $10/delivery
Vehicles  Charge Golf cart, drive for 10 minutes (Check Battery & Fill Water)   
                   Start and run any vehicles (where applicable)  $5/mth
Plants  Water any Indoor/Lanai Plants    Case–by-Case depending on how many)
                                    Open Home for your Arrival     $50/event
            Plug in Appliances
            Run Washer, Dryer, Dishwasher, etc.
            Flush out all water lines
            Set Clocks
            Set Thermostats (Bring home to proper temperature)
            Turn Water Heater to proper temperature
            Sweep and Clean Entryway and Driveway.
            Stock Fridge & Groceries (from your List)  $25/event  + Cost of Items
Other Services available upon Requests