Real Estate Buyer

As a Home Owner, who rented out our property for 4+ years, before we came down Full-Time, now owning my Home Watch Co., where I take care of 210+ homes and being a Multi-Million Dollar Producer selling homes in The Villages, I have a unique insight into all aspects of owning in the Villages. .

The advantage to you as a Buyer, is my Knowledge of all situations someone buying may have, whether ready to come down Full-Time or a few years away. Also if you do not need to Rent out your property, I can be your Caretaker while you are not occupying your Home. On the other hand, if needing to rent the property to cover expenses, my expertize and experience with rentals will help me guide you into the right location and type of property that will maximize your rental Income.

I have grown from 3 Homes on the Service in March 2015, to now servicing 210+properties, of which 43 are Rentals and we are adding more each month. This growth has allowed us to coordinate the large volume of Rental requests to maximize the occupancy for all of our properties.

Rental services down here charge anywhere from 12% to 20% of the Booked Rental Income. Why pay a % of YOUR Rental Income (can be as much as $1,500 to $2,500 just for the Prime Season) when I can handle the whole rental process from obtaining tenants, right through checking them at departure and setting up for the next Guest for $100/mth. Check the Snowbird and Rental Services pages to see all that I do for the small monthly Fee.

Your property will be displayed on this site and I handle all the requests, so very little for you to do other than collect the money.

So the Bottom line is, no matter what your reasons for Buying and or how you plan on occupying the property, I have experience for all situations and have a number of properties I currently manage, that most likely have owners with the same Goals as yours.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or needed advice, as you investigate Buying in The Villages.